Shining star1458

aka Abnormal pony

  • I live in Pony-ville/ las Pegasus
  • My occupation is I work at a restaurant
  • I am Mare
  • Shining star1458

    This blog is based on the song great to be different

    Hello again this is my 2the blog post. This blog and blogs that later come are blogs with my life story as OC so I hope you enjoy

    And this time are not I'm that tell the blog but it has an other pony named ...I don't have a name( can you help me?)

    I've lived a difficult life. I'm not a normal pony. I'm an abnormal pony in an abnormal town, Ponyville. I've never been the normal one. I've always been the smart one, or the weird one, or the shy one, or just the different one. Usually all of those, mashed together into one strange individual. I've never listened to the same music as everypony else. I've never dressed or talked like everypony else. I was teased, looked down upon, and spit at. Be…

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  • Shining star1458

    Hello it's shining star.and I hope I make a lot of friends!!!

    I'm not so long mlp fan so I get questions sorry

    - whats glazes real name (wooden toaster)?

    - who was with cadence married?

    - who want to be friends?

    - what of mlp is the best the fanmade of the show?

    - how is the pony of Lauren Faust?

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