Hi, everybody! I'm hear to talk about today's episode: "Made in Manehatten".

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Really, now?

Yes, really.

So, the show starts off with poor Twilight seriously bored, saying theres nothing interesting going on anymore. Twilight and Spike hear Rarity call her name and they zoom over to the map room. Rarity and Applejack's cutie marks are glowing. The map has summoned them

Its been a while since a map episode! FINALLY!

Anywyas, they need to go to Manehatten and help Coco Pommel with a play shes trying to put on. Rarity and Applejack go around, asking ponies if they can help out but everypony declines. They finally decide to try it out themselves; Applejack helps with the garden and Rarity helps with the costumes.

The garden is a huge mess.

I can't belive nopony tended too it! I mean, sure, Charity left Manehatten. That dosen't mean landscape ponies can't come and take care of the public park! What did everypony do, use that park as a public bathroom since Charity left? Puh-lease! I don't care if Manehatten is a busy place, it won't kill anypony to take care of at least one. Stinkin. PARK.

Poor Applejack lost her hat to that stupid, unkept park! (Applejack is best pony)

Applejack "What did you go an' do?" EG3

"Darn right, I am!"

So, four ponies apper to help out with the play; one of them almost gets crushed by an unstable stage, but Applejack saves her. (yay!)

Coco loses faith for some time, Applejack gets an idea and tells Coco. She makes a small stage right in front of the park, so anypony walking by can see it. As the play goes on, more and more ponies join to see how it'll turn out. They meet there goal!! (hooray!)

They have that glowing-cutie mark-job-well-done-thing, and they celebrate with a new hat and saving somepony from making a bad fashion choice.

The story line, while interesting, didn't have me that...hooked. They made Coco seem a lot more worried then I remeber, (but she was probably like that anyways) and it seemed like Rarity was (almost constantly) hogging all the sreen time to herself.

Charicters: 6/10

[Reoccuring] Charicter(s): 9/10

Story Line: 5/10

[Bounus] Map episode: +2

[Bonus] Includes best pony: +5

Total: 27/30

Grade: A-

Over all a great episode! What did you think about it? Comment below! I can't wait for the movie tonight!! Heres to another review, andother show, and another movie!


Keep being you!