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  • SillyLittleFilly

    Nimajnebnoj asked "Since they have shown the ponies can travel to "Hasbro's Earth-616" or "our world" or whatever you wanna call it. do you think they will show humans traveling to Equestria at some point?" "Also another one for you: Do you think more refrences to G1 would be beneficial to the current MLP world, such as possibly reviving a G1 villian in G4, having humans travel to Equestria, finding the ruins of Dream Castle, or bringing in sea ponies or horseshoe points?"

    Well, Nimajnebnoj. I don't think humans will travel to Equestria. The reason is because the Equestrians have a portal stored in the Crystal Empire, which was only used twice. The humans, on the other hand do not have a portal. They have schools, houses, trees, fruits, foo…

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  • SillyLittleFilly

    Epicalaxy Master Asked: "Do you want to see any refrences in season 4? For Ex. Mentioning the Dark side, Ponies doing internet, etc."

    Well, Epicalaxy Master. I would like to see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna mentioning this pony in the Everfree Forest. Which will attack Ponyville, and soon what Equestria if the main 6 won't stop it. The main 6 will not be able to use the elements of harmony because the pony left them in her castle. The care they gave each other helped them defeat the pony. Which made the pony turn into her nice, mare pony version. The pony soon returns the Elements of Harmony to the Canterlot castle, for safekeeping. 

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  • SillyLittleFilly

    Hewwo! :D My pony name is SillyLittleFilly. Which in my real first name is Britta. So call my pony Britta. :D I will be hosting a Q&A. For Ex.

    Are Alicorns Immortal?

    by AwesomeBrony123 Posted 1 hour ago

    Well, AwesomeBrony123. I will post a blog explaining my theory of your question with credit  of you for the question you asked. I will give you the link on a different comment.

    by SillyLittleFilly Posted 30 minutes ago

    So, Feel free to ask me anything. It could be "Are Alicorns Immortal?" or "Why did Twilight never talk about Shining Armor?" or whatever.

    So feel free to ask anything. Don't be shy :)

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