Nimajnebnoj asked "Since they have shown the ponies can travel to "Hasbro's Earth-616" or "our world" or whatever you wanna call it. do you think they will show humans traveling to Equestria at some point?" "Also another one for you: Do you think more refrences to G1 would be beneficial to the current MLP world, such as possibly reviving a G1 villian in G4, having humans travel to Equestria, finding the ruins of Dream Castle, or bringing in sea ponies or horseshoe points?"

Answer to Question 1

Well, Nimajnebnoj. I don't think humans will travel to Equestria. The reason is because the Equestrians have a portal stored in the Crystal Empire, which was only used twice. The humans, on the other hand do not have a portal. They have schools, houses, trees, fruits, foods, fiber, etc. But they do not have portals to travel. So my answer to you is no.

Answer to Question 2

Well, I never really watched G1. Or G4. So my answer to you is unsure.