Hello, everypony! Call me Sylver, or SylverCune. More preferrably Sylver ^_^

I just registered yesterday, so plz give me time to get used to things around here. Sorry if I mess anything up, I'm not the BEST @ HTML! D:

I LOVE watching MLPFIM, Pokemon, Beyblade, and Gumball. I watch TV on Youtube, Cartoon Network, and Disney. I enjoy reading Warriors, Seekers, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Harry Potter, just imagine any fantasy series you can think of. lol

My hobbies are video games, reading, drawing, and I take piano (45 min of torture to me)! The art style I draw in is mostly furry, but maybe anthro as well. XD Pokemon and MLPFIM too...

I enjoy watching movies mainly w/ animals. :D

I am sensitive, kind, helpful, sometimes lazy, hardworking, caring, and have a temper.

I have a 3DS, and my FC is 5327-1307-7047. Mm K?

Well that's all u need to know about me, see you around! ;D