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  • Silverbolt1

    I will be taking 10 requests for drawings of user's OCs. First come first served. Please post a good image of your OC. If I've already drawn your OC, please let someone else have a chance.

    -NOTE- I may do more if I have time. Just because you weren't one of the first 10 doesn't mean your OC won't be done.

    1.Seaswirl10 -DONE-

    2. Bluelighting -DONE-

    3. Rainbowrules -DONE-

    4. Nihi The Brony -DONE-

    5. Epicalaxy Master -DONE-

    6. Zony514





    Most drawings will be uploaded in a few days.

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  • Silverbolt1

    A bit about me

    June 10, 2014 by Silverbolt1

    My real name is Reuben. I'm 18, nearly 19, my birthday is tomorrow (the 11th). I'm really tall (6' 6"), thin and strong. Because of my height, people often think I'm older. I also bang my head a lot. I also have big feet and tend to be a little clumsy and trip over stuff. I've been on various wikis for about 5 years, but just discovered MLP:FIM and this wiki a few months ago. I live on a farm in a small town in the great state of ever-changing weather and traffic cones, Ohio. I am pure Swiss, but my ancestors have lived in the USA for many generations.


    I'm currently living at home with my parents and four younger siblings. I have relatives in Texas, Indiana, Michigan and Mexico.


    • Synthesia and Electronic
    • Dubstep (which Epic Ares in…

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  • Silverbolt1

    I need opinions

    May 24, 2014 by Silverbolt1

    Okay, I just made this OC and I would like your opinion: Do you like the rough sketch or colored version better? What can I do to improve? Reptile already told me I need to work on shading. All critiques/advice/comments are welcome.

    (For those wanting a backstory: Firefly Blue is a slightly eccentric inventor Pegasus. While his inventions are usually harmless failures, he does manage to make the occasional very useful - or incredibly destructive - device. He prefers to stay away from people; a slight stammer and wild ideas don't usually make social interactions very easy.)

    This is also on Deviantart, you can follow me if you wish.

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  • Silverbolt1

    MLP Drawings

    May 11, 2014 by Silverbolt1

    MLP has inspired me to do a lot of drawings, here are the ones I've made so far. I know that there are some odd proportions, I'm still working on that. Let me know which ones you like most! Feedback is always welcome. -NOTE: I am not taking requests for OC drawings. There is, however, a greater chance if you leave a nice comment and have a cool OC.- (By nice comment, I do NOT mean "wowzers, thoz r reely kewl!").

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  • Silverbolt1

    I figured that since I'm new, and Ask X blogs are popular, that I would make one so you can find out stuff about me! Ask away!

    Management reserves the right to refuse answers to certain questions.

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