Hi guys. Today I want discuss about a particoular topic regarding the show: the signature episodes. What is a signature episode? It's a great episode for a specific character (alone, so no pairing or group episodes) that shows at the best what the character in question has been created for:

Twilight got Amending Fences;

Rainbow Dash got Sonic Rainboom;

Fluttershy got Hurricane Fluttershy;

Pinkie Pie got Pinkie Pride;

Rarity got Rarity Takes Manehattan;

And even the CMCs and Spike got their own ones (the CMCs got the dream trilogy, and Spike got Equestria Games). But I didn't made this post to talk about the episodes I mentioned before, but about the only main character of the show that still didn't got her episode of this kind yet: Applejack. Yup, Applejack has still to get her signature episode for the show, but to be honest.... I'm afraid that she won't get it at all, because we all know she has an all but stellar record with episodes, her episodes tend to be  mediocre to just good, with the The Last Roundup being the only great episode she ever got so far.... and  let's be honest, it has no match for the episodes I mentioned above, so I don't think I can consider that one her signature episode. I think the problem is the character self, that hasn't any special trait that makes her interesting as much as the other Mane 6. I mean, do you remember any moment, where she surprised you somehow? Because I don't. I think she's pretty much a flat  character, because for the most times she is a really anonymous character, and the other times she is........................ a really c****y character... (see Apple Family Reunion, Somepony To Watch Over me, Appleloosa's Most Wanted and the ending of TSSCS6000...). I won't lie to you: excluding the six secondary characters of this show I hate, AJ is pratically my least favorite character of the entire show, and probably the only one that didn't gave me anything so far, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has this feeling...... And like if it isn't enough the series is about to end at this point: we have 13 episodes left for this season, and with the 80% of probabilities the S6 will be the final one, so Applejack has just 39 episodes to get her  moment to shine before the show ends. So here's the question: will Applejack ever get her signature episode before the end of the show? What do you think writers should do with her to make an episode that shows her at her best?