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    The Underhanded Insult

    February 26, 2012 by SkullCap

    In lieu of recent activity of Derpy Hooves' removal and alteration by officials at Hasbro and Itunes I feel compelled to offer my feelings toward this matter. Why? The issue touches personally with my own life and the actions taken by corporate officials pushes an appalling message towards the show's age demographic. Let me just climb up on Twilight's soap box for a moment. *ahem*

    First, I was born with a type of astigmatism that not only blurred my vision, but literally caused my eyes to cross. Basically without proper eye-wear my eyes shift off-center causing double-vision and i.e. "derpy eyes". In addition, I have a mental "disability" and have been involved with centers the majority of my life. Also personally as far as I can remember I…

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