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  • Slack345

    I am interested in knowing which season premiere or finale is your favorite one.  There are 3 finished seasons so that would mean there are 6 season premiers because they always make part 1 & part 2.  There are 3 finale's too.  

    My favorite season premiere is the return of harmony because I think Discord is the best Antagonist other than Chrysalis.  

    My favorite season finale has to be Magical Mystery Cure because I love the storyboard at the beginning and I think that it is really cool how Twilight turns into an Alicorn and a princess.


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  • Slack345

    I wrote this blog to see what people liked about the latest episode of MLP called Magical Mystery Cure to see what different people on the wiki liked or disliked about the episode.  I will post what I have to say a bit later in the comment section.

    Comment away!!!

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  • Slack345

    Favorite Ponies

    February 11, 2013 by Slack345

    I created this blog to see which ponies are more admired then others just out of curiosity. I hope that people take this seriously and don't make random comments. Please comment your favorite or have you cant pick one you should write a few.

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