Hello everyone, I am Sly Fan. Earlier I did a blog on 5 things I wanted to see next season. Well, I fell there is still some things I forgot to mention. So here is 5 more things I want in season 4:


Zecora grinning S1E09
How on earth did I forget about Zecora? She is one of the most unique characters on the show. Her personality, her backrounds, and even how she speaks contribute to how great she is. For the next season, I would really like to see an episode on where she came from, her journey to Ponyville, and her stuggles trying to fit in before the Mane 6 helped. I really want to know more about her.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle

Smiling Sweetie Belle and angry Rarity S1E17
I also forgot about Rarity and Sweetie Belle. Their relationship to each other is so entertaining to watch. Whether they are fighting or being the best siblings to one another, the way they differ is what is so entertaining. An episode or two of that please.  

An Epic Celestia Moment

Princess Celestia perfect regal shot S3E10
Now if you did read my last blog, then I am sure you can all see that I do not like Celestia. I know she means well, but she always leaves the hard stuff to Twilight. Well,what if next season she does something so epic, that her reputation goes up. Maybe she can do one of those I'll hold em off moments or something like that. Just something that makes my jaw almost drop. Oh, and the wedding scene where she trys to fight Queen Chrysalis and gets her flank handed to her in a few seconds doesn't count.

More Songs

Babs Seed and CMC S03E04
Babs Seed, Raise This Barn, and The Success Song, to me are the only good songs this season. There should really be more of them next season. Now trust me, I know darn well that there can't be too many songs for a season with only 13 episodes, but hey, I just want more next season. And don't even try to convince me that the last episode made up for the low number of songs. Its not that they were bad, they just were no where as good as the other songs.

Applejack's Parents

Ending S3E8
Do I really need to say anything about this one? How can no one not be curious about Applejack's parents? Did they pass away? Are they missing? Were they seperated from Applejack? Now I am pretty sure that this subject will not be touched upon in Season 4. But it ever is, it will be one of the most, if not the most, emotional episodes on this show. Overall, I just want to know what happened.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to leave your comments down below.