Hello everyone, I am Sly Fan, writting my first blog. There are so many thing I want to see in Season 4 that I honestly don't know where to start. Well, how about these 5 things to start with:

Less Twilight Sparkle

Twilight alicorn cropped S3E13

Oh boy, just this title could have me slaughtered by the other bronies and pegisisters in the comments. Its not that I don't like Twilight, heck shes actually one of my favorites, but her transformation is too distracting. Yeah yeah I know we have all already talked about this before, but it still bugs me a little even today. Its not the title too too much, but those product placements on her back. And of course it upsets the balance of two of every type of pony and how each of them are equally special. But trust me, I don't blame her, oh no, I blame Celestia. You know the saying of how something can be so distracting that its like theres an elephant in the room. Well unfortunatly, Twilight is the elephant. So thanks to Celestia, Twilight is an elephant.

Pinkie Pie as a Character

Pinkie Pie S1E12 cropped

Good gosh, she was so annoying in Season 3! She acted more as a throw away gag than an actual character. And I think we were only suppose to find her funny due to bad jokes in a weird way. I mean do we all remember when she kept making those horrible lettuse puns? Aweful...just aweful. How about next season, she just takes it easier and try to be more of a character?


Luna S3E6
I think just that word is all I really need to say. Luna is one of the most loved characters on the show, and for good reasons. Unlike her lazy sister, Luna actually does stuff and actually helps people with stuff like nightmares or even keeping a night like Nightmare Night fun. Her personality is delightful and she even looks cool with the whole purple sky design going on. We need more of her, and less of her stupid sister.

The Ever Chaotic Discord

I know some people don't like the
Discord S03E10
whole idea of Discord being a good guy. But for me, I am totally okay with it. I mean, just because he's good that doesn't mean he still can't be fun. He's Discord! He can still be crazy and good at the same time. I just want him to appear here and there.

Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash

Scootaloo 'mhm' S03E06
I think we can all agree that the ending for Sleepless in Ponyville was very charming and nice of how Rainbow Dash actually breaks out of her tough attitude to comfort Scootaloo. That, and she offers to take her under her wing as a big sister role model. I want more of that. More of those two spending time together to give us those sweet moments. 

Thanks for reading my blog. Please respond down below. I look foward to your comments.