Okay, I think we can all agree on something: The fandom isn't doing so hot right now. There are so many disputes on numerous changes and future releases. Mostly involving alicorn Twilight and Equestria Girls. Now I'm not going to rant about how "The fandom is falling apart", because it's not. We've had differences before, and we will in the future. Anyway, I just want to ask one question: are these changes our fault?

Twilight alicorn cropped S3E13

What do I mean by this? Well, what if we inspired the writers and people at Hasbro to make these changes? For example, changing Twilight into an alicorn. How much fan art has been made of Twilight with wings? Or how many people theorize about Twilight becoming a princess in stories. Maybe people at Hasbro thought "Hey, bronies seem to like Twilight with wings. How about we make this canon in the series so we can sell more toys and appeal to bronies at the same time"?

Equestria Girls June 16 2013 movie poster
As for the case of Equestria Girls, think about the summary: Twilight traveling to an alternate dimension. Doesn't that sound like a true fan fiction? And, good gosh, think of how much fan art of humanized ponies are out there.

Well all together, how do you all feel about this. A coincidence, or a possibility. Leave your comments down below. I am very curious to see your responce.