Hey guys, Sly Fan here with a blog I've wanted to do for a really long time. And I know what you're all thinking. You're thinking "Oh my gosh, this problem happened like so long ago, and has been discussed so many times. Let it go". Well I just want to get this off my chest.

But before I start, here are some things I do know:

- Twilight will not leave her friends.

- She still has the same personality

- She will stay in Ponyville

So with that said, heres what I think is wrong with Alicorn Twilight:


Even though she won't leave her friends, the equality factor is still totally offset. I mean it used to be simple: a
Main 5, Spike, and Celestia S03E13

Wow, to think they all were equal. I mean Celestia has always been below even Derpy, but still the others were equal.

farmer, an athlete, an animal lover, a fashion designer, a party animal, and a student. Simple right? Well not anymore. Now the student went though a total change into not only an alicorn, but a princess. I mean now its like "Why care anymore about the lesser beings, we should all focus on the princess". And yes, I know that she was still the princess's student, but after Lesson Zero, so were all the rest of them. It just totally ruins the equality. 


Princess Celestia you will be S3E13

What? You thought that you had your own destiny? Don't be stupid Twilight!

Strange, I totally thought that one of the themes of the show was that you can make your own future, and that no one can change that. Well I guess I was wrong. If Celestia says that you're suppose to be a princess, then you are, no questions asked. In Season 4, they better have a good reason why Twilight has no say of her destiny.


Twilight shining as alicorn S3E13

Behold Princess with attachable wings and crown. Royal Tea Set not included. New from Hasbro.

I know that the writers keep saying that Twilight being an alicorn was inevitable and was planned out, but I call bull on that. This was so a way of selling toys. Evolution of a character my @$$! Ahem, sorry about that. Anyway, I bet you that Hasbro was already working on the plastic model of alicorn Twilight before the script was even finished. And what did this transformation lead to? A movie of course. And what did the movie make way for? More toys!


Twilight Sparkle precious light S4E1

Twilight: Hey Luna, do you think this change was needed to see this. Luna: Oh not at all, its total bull.

Really ask yourself, was this change necessary? I mean we saw the Season 4 previews. They look pretty good. But did any of them really need Twilight to change? I mean, was Applejack and her family not going to go across Equestria if Twilight didn't transform? Would Twilight seeing Luna's transformation in Celestia's eye not happen if Twilight stayed as a unicorn? It just doesn't add up.


Sunset levitating Twilight's crown EG

See what can happen!

This is just a minor problem to me, but its worth pointing out. In the Season 4 previews, we see in the Twilight/Luna encounter that she still wears her crown in some of the frames. Which can mean that she will wear it everywhere. Umm...yeah, thats pretty stupid. Just walk around with one sixth of Equestria's defense, nothing bad can happen. Just so stupid, just like the entire issue altogether. 

What do you think? Leave your comments down below.