Well everyone, after reading all the critic reviews about Disney's The Lone Ranger, I was really skeptical about seeing the movie. But I finally got to watching it. And I only have this to say: What the heck is wrong with them?!

The movie was so much fun to watch! The story was good, the characters were excellent, the music matched the excitement and feeling of the old West, and the action scenes was unbelievable. I mean there were a couple times where I was thinking "Okay, that's not possible", and sometimes the story might lose yeah, but other than that, the movie was great. It's a guilty pleasure for me and a lot of people.

What really shocked me was the content. This is probably the most violent Disney film I have ever seen. I mean this film had shootings, genocide, pleasure houses, robberies, and even cannibalism. You heard right, cannibalism in a Disney film.

So you're probably wondering why I'm writing this little blog on this movie. Well simply put, I want more people to see it. So far, this 250 million dollar movie has only made 73 million dollars due to bad critic reviews. I am being truly sincere, if you want a great action Western movie, check it out. See if you like it or not.