Well if any of you don't know, a new trailer for Equestria Girls just came out showing more clips of the soon to be movie. It shows more of the events that have lead to Twilight ventureing into the human world in order to retrieve her crown. My thoughts on this new trailer weren't really angry, but conserned.

The reason behind my concerns is not really towards the movie, in fact I really couldn't care less about the movie, but more towards the first 20 or so seconds of the trailer. When I first saw Alicon Princess Twilight Sparkle, I was really upset about both the wings and the title. After a while, my concerns were starting to go away about the title and more towards the wings. But now after this trailer, the title concern came right back.

The trailer really pushed the princess title thing more and more than what I was expecting. And that concerns me when the thought of "Is it going to stay like this" pops into my head. And yes, I know that this movie is just a spin off, but the writer of the movie sure as heck isn't.

I really hope that this movie is truly a spin off and nothing else. I really don't want this to be part of the series. I don't want Twilight to be anything more than an Alicorn. 

Whats your thoughts on the trailer? Leave your comments down below.

Oh and before I forget, just because I'm concerned about the trailer, that doesn't mean I'm going to whine to the writers. I'm against that kind of behavior.