So yeah, the title pretty much says what the subject of this blog is. Just down below, tell me what movie scared you as a kid, and why. Heck, leave a link if you can so we can all see it. It can be a whole movie, or just a scene. For me...well, maybe its best if I explain.

As a child, I loved Disney movies (still do today). They were always so nice and fun to watch...

Except for one...

The Fox and the Hound.

Now don't get me wrong, I still love the movie, but there's one thing that scared me as a kid: the black bear. Now you might be thinking "Really? The same people who made lovable bears like Baloo and Little John". Well yeah, THOSE bears were nice, but this was different.

Imagine this scene:

The two foxes try to hide from the hunter, so they leave a scent trail to lose them. The hound dog comes over to trace them. The music builds up as the dog suddenly stops as he smells a certain scent. He slowly backs up growling. His owner asks him what he's smelling. And then, a demonic, red eyed, salivating, black as charcoal, growling bear, appears and begins to attack them.

The tension is so intense and scary, just like the bear itself. This whole scene was frightening to me as a kid. Don't believe me, check out the link I left behind, and see for yourself.

Anyway, enough about me. So what movie scared you as a kid. Leave your responses down below.

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