Well since my last blog was so successful, how about another?


What Are Your Favorite Epic Movie Moments


-An epic movie moment is a part in the movie that just makes you say wow. Whether its a fight, a plot twist, or just something incredible, its an epic moment.

-If possible, add a reason why you like this moment.

-If you want to, add a link so we can see this moment as well.

My Choices:

Iron Giant Goes Ballistic (Iron Giant): This is the scene is just so epic because the giant just loses it when he see's what happened to his best friend thanks to the U.S. military. If you have seen this movie, check it out, its directed by the same guy who directed Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty): One of my favorite movies thanks to one of my favorite villains (By the way, Nightmare Moon is Maleficent). This scene is just so epic thanks to her. As the prince rides off to save his true love from eternal sleep, Maleficent shows that she will not make it easy. She fires lightning bolts, creates a forest of thorns, and in a last ditch effort, turns into one of the coolest dragons in history by literally calling upon the powers of Hell.

Justin vs Jenner (Secret of NIMH): If you read my other blogs, you probably know that The Secret of NIMH is my favorite film, so its no surprise that there's a moment on this list. Its when the character Mrs. Brisby tries to tell everyone that NIMH is coming and that they will all die unless they leave, but the villain Jenner tries to silence her so they can stay, believing that she is lying. So what happens afterward is one of my favorite fight sequences ever. Man I love this movie.

I know I have some more that I like, but I can't think of anymore right now.

So what are your favorite epic movie moments? Leave your responses down below.