Let me tell you people, taking a class in accounting is hard work. Its like being taught algebra in elementary. But since I got a little free time on my hands, and since its that spooky time of year again, I thought I would do another Whats Your Favorite.


- A Halloween movie is a movie thats ether scary or about Halloween.

- If you can, add a reason why you love that movie.

- If possible, add a link to a scene or trailer.

My Favorites:
Nightmare before christmas ver1

The Nightmare Before Christmas: I'm sure this is a movie a lot of you like at this time of the year. Its creative, fun, and brings home the perfect dose of Halloween without having to scare you to death.

Young frankenstein xlg
Young Frankenstein: Pure comedy masterpiece. Take something as dark and scary as Frankenstein, mix in comedy legend Mel Brooks, and look what comes alive. In fact truth be told, this movie can be for anytime of the year, but I thought I would mention it.


Hocus Pocus: Yes, I know, this is a really silly movie, in fact its really stupid, but I can't help it. I love the humor between the three witches in this movie. Not to mention they look like my aunts in costumes. Oh by the way, most of you have seen the Children of the Night right? Well here you go, this clip from the movie might ruin it for you.

So those are my favorites. As you can see, I'm a bit of a wimp for not having any really scary films on here. Anyway, what are your favorites? Leave your responses down below.