Finally, a Whats Your Favorite blog for live action movies. I must admit, I had a hard time with this one because I'm just as much, or maybe even more, of an animation fan than a live action fan. But finally, heres the blog.

Although I thought of this a while ago, I will give credit where its due:

Special thanks to Rallinale for reminding me to do this one.


- A live action movie is a movie not fully animated.

- Movies that combine live action and animation/CGI count.

- If its a film series, then you can list it as a choice.

- Add the country of origin next to the film title.

- If possible, add a reason why you like the movie.

- If you want to, add a link to the trailer or a clip of the movie so we can see.

My Favorites:

The Wizard of Oz (USA)- This is the only film that wasn't hard for me to pick. To me, I consider this the greatest film of all time. Its timeless in the way its charmed audiences for decades thanks to its wonderful story, fantastic characters, and delightful songs. Not to mention, it was released at a time when the U.S.A. needed some happiness through all the depression. If you've never seen it, then get out of your cave and go check it out.

The Dark Knight (USA)- Now for a more modern film, the Dark Knight. I really don't know what to say that hasn't been said already. The story is great, the action is intense, and of course, the Joker is just straight up awesome. My only problem strangely enough is Batman, mostly the voice. Good lord almighty, I hate that stupid voice. I bet thats why the Joker was laughing during the interrogation scene. But other than that, the movie is great.

The Harry Potter Series (USA)- I know its kind of a stretch to put 8 films as one choice, but I had to. With a story so fascinating as Harry Potter, how could I pick just one? The film series has an excellent story, the perfect cast of characters, and just fantastic effects for each time period. When I mean effect for each time period, I mean the time of the film's release. I mean it, go watch the first movie again and see all the CGI puppets they use for the characters. Its hilarious. Anyway though, the films are terrific.

So what are your favorites? What did you think of my choices? Let your responses down below.