Hello everyone, Sly Fan here with another Whats Your Favorite.

Today's is:

Whats Your Favorite Movie Soundtracks


-A movie soundtrack are all the songs, lyrical or instrumental, put into the movie.

-If you want, add a reason why you like the movie soundtrack.

-If possible, add link to a clip of ether the scene the song/music is featured in, or just the song/music itself.

-If this movie is part of a series, then the other movies in the series can count as well.

Here's mine:

Secret Of NIMH: Everything about this movie is fantastic, and the music is no exception. It ranges from mysterious and scary, to uplifting and beautiful.

Yellow Submarine: What can I say, it's nothing but The Beatles. Here's a clip of the movie with a song, but I must warn you, it's EXTREMELY trippy!

Fantasia/Fantasia 2000: Classical music at it's finest. Here's a clip, but don't watch it in the dark...

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The best Tim Burton movie, and one of best soundtracks Danny Elfman has ever made. Whether it's weird, sad, or happy, the Nightmare Before Christmas has a great soundtrack.

What are your favorites? Leave your responses down below.