Hello everyone, Sly Fan here with a new Whats Your Favorite.

Special thanks to Nihi the Brony for the idea.

Question is:

Whats Your Favorite Songs


- A song for this category is anything with lyrics and rhythm that counts as a song, lyrical or non-lyrical.

- The song can be from any band, show, movie, game, or anything else, it can be from anywhere.

- Add the name of the artist/group right next to the title of the song.

- Add a reason, if you want to, why you like this song.

- No limits on how many songs, add as many as you want.

- Add a link to a music video or just the song if you want.

- No Disney songs...that's for next time :)

My Favorites:

Harder Better Faster (Daft Punk)- Its an awesome techno beat and really good music to hear around the house.

Nowhere Man (The Beatles)- I love the philosophy behind this song of someone who is just different from everyone else and doesn't mind at all. Oh yeah, and it rocks.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (The Beatles)- This song is so trippy and so nice to listen to. Its like taking a trip without the drugs. I mean seriously here's a couple of lyrics: Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain, where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies. Just let that imagine sink in.

I have other songs I like, but I don't want to waste your time :)

So what are your favorite songs. Leave your responses down below. And remember, no Disney song until the next time :)