Well since my last few blogs have been utter failures in getting comments, I thought I would do another Whats Your Favorite. Those usually get a lot of comments. It makes it seems like people like my blogs and opinions :'(

Question is:

Whats Your Favorite Video Games


-The video game is pretty much any game played on an electronic device.

-If the game is part of a trilogy, then the trilogy can count as one choice.

-If you want to, add a reason why you like the game.

-If possible, add a link to a trailer of the game.

My Choices:

The Sly Cooper Series- Well no duh, my user name and avatar are based off of the games. Fun game play, good characters, and a decent story, its a game series that I will always call my top favorite.

The Ratchet And Clank Series- Its much like the Sly series, except with crazy over the top weapons and less sneaking around. And of course, the games to me are pretty funny.

The Jak and Daxter Series- Its like the Ratchet series, but more mature and has a longer game length.

The Batman Arkham Series- Epic, dark, fun, challenging, and so many other words describe these games. And of course, the story is terrific.

Portal 2- Defiantly one of the funnest puzzle game I've ever played. And also the funniest game I've ever played.

So what are your favorites? Leave your comments down below. Please :'(