Well since the last blog was much more successful than I anticipated, here's the next Whats Your Favorite.

The question is:

What Are Your Favorite Villain Songs


-A villain song is a song ether sung by the villain, describing the villain, or describing the villain's plan.

-The song can be from any movie, television show, or video game.

-Add the title of the movie, television show, or video game right next to the song.

-If possible, add a link so we can ether hear or see the villain song.

-If you want to, add a reason why you like it.

My favorites:

Hellfire(Hunchback of Notre Dame)- Probably the darkest and most risky song in Disney history.

Be Prepared(The Lion King)-Not only is this song's beat and tempo excellent, but its fun to know that Scar's voice had to be sung by another actor when Jeremy Irons threw out his voice. Try to guess when they switched.

In The Dark Of The Night(Anastasia)-Love how they mixed classical and modern music together.

Friends On The Other Side(The Princess and the Frog)- The music is catchy and the villain's voice is just a delight.

The Headless Horseman(The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)-This spooky song is both catchy and smooth sounding thanks to the singer Bing Crosby. And I just love the politically incorrect line "Black or white, or even red, the Headless Horseman needs a head".

I would put The World's Greatest Criminal Mind from The Great Mouse Detective on here, but I can't find a good clip.

What are your favorites. Leave your answers down below.