• Smart zombie

    My Season 7 Rank

    August 10, 2017 by Smart zombie


    1. Discordant Harmony- I love discord and this episode was both hilarious and adorable.

    2. The Royal Problem- Finally an episode looking into the lives of the royal sisters, bout time.

    3. Fame and Misfortune- I actually like the mean spirited tone in the episode for some reason, I liked the song and I liked how the ending didn't end with a completely happy ending. I also love all of the things that are called out from the fandom.

    4. A Flurry of Emotions- I hated Flurry Heart until this episode came out. Hopefully she continues to stay adorable instead of annoying.

    5. Honest Apple- Very odd choice to be this high, I'm sure not to many others would ever have this episode ranked up here. I just found it very hilarious enjoyable and hilarious. …

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