1. Discordant Harmony- I love discord and this episode was both hilarious and adorable.

2. The Royal Problem- Finally an episode looking into the lives of the royal sisters, bout time.

3. Fame and Misfortune- I actually like the mean spirited tone in the episode for some reason, I liked the song and I liked how the ending didn't end with a completely happy ending. I also love all of the things that are called out from the fandom.

4. A Flurry of Emotions- I hated Flurry Heart until this episode came out. Hopefully she continues to stay adorable instead of annoying.

5. Honest Apple- Very odd choice to be this high, I'm sure not to many others would ever have this episode ranked up here. I just found it very hilarious enjoyable and hilarious.

6. The Perfect Pear- Tearjerking doesn't mean a higher spot, Regardless I loved it. Also yes it may be weird how Honest Apple is higher then this episode, but I'm ranking based on enjoyment.

7. Campfire Tales- The moments outside of the stories were to good to for me to place this episode as meh. Plus I liked Rarity's story.


8. Triple Threat- This episode was fine. Another spike panics over something that can be solved in 2 minutes episode. Twilight was surprisingly useless to the situation and kept assisting spike in doing the wrong thing. Ember and Thorax's interactions are the best parts of the episode.

9. Rock Solid Friendship- It would be number 6 in good if it weren't for how annoying Pinkie Pie was.

10. Hard to Say Anything- I honestly would have ranked this episode higher if it weren't for how bland Sugar Belle's personality was here.

11. Not Asking for Trouble- Eeeehhhh.

12. Forever Filly- Would've made this episode bad if it weren't for how sweet some moments were. I can't stand the plot with the dumb dog, cause there were numerous instances of the bigger toys being offered, and the owner of the dog who's voice was annoying af.

13. All Bottled Up- Screw you Twilight, some people would be happy to be given a bag of pretzels for a trip. Not me but other people may.


14. Celestial Advice- Just felt extremely underwhelmed by this episode and not just because it was a premiere. Just really didn't have fun with this episode at all.

15. Parental Guidance- I wanted to like this episode I really did, but Rainbow Dashes parents are just unbearable. I get it they want to support their child but shooting fireworks during their performance, I mean really? Can't stand how RD is 100% in the wrong.

16. Fluttershy Leans In- I don't even really hate the episode, I just recognize it the very least. The episode started a problem that didn't have to happen and doesn't make sense and a conflict that has could've been easily avoided and it's all just so pointless.