It was a foggy day of Thursday with white clouds in Ponyville. It seemed that Rainbow had some troubles clearing them but fortunately these clouds were light and clear even though they seemed to foreshadow rain.

On the ground, the earth ponies where on their respective businesses. Granny Smith was walking near Suggarcube Corner and had a long pleasant talk with Mr and Mrs Cake. Fillies and gentle colts were playing an extreme version of tic–tac–toe which Pinkie Pie invented. As far as I remember, the main objective was stretching muscles as much as possible but nopony could match or even get close to her logic–defying feats and abilities. Only Blossomforth’s magnanimously great too–much flexibility and Thunderlane hooves strength matched with Pinkie’s feats and they were the only ones who could play properly and with more ease; they were also the ones who enjoyed it more.

“Blossomforth, what are your bones made of? Rubber?” stretching his front right leg.

“You’ll never know” she answered folding her left back leg.


It was pre–evening, around fifteen past one, so, in the school, it was time to leave and go home. The CMC were making their ways out towards home. The air around them and their aura was obscure, stern and red with rage.

“I told ya Scootaloo told me to” shouted Applebloom angrily hanging something on her hoof she was offering to Sweetie Belle.

“You mocked at me while I was cutting it and because of that I cut myself a hoof. I could’ve died” answered back Sweetie Belle standing for herself.

They were arguing and all the fillies and colts, who saw them, stared at them because of how strong and intensively they were arguing. Even Silver Spoon could not help watching them and wondering about what they were arguing so severely, exhaustively and intensively, ignoring Diamond Tiara’s words.

“What in tarnation is going on with them?” asked Featherweight fixing his camera.

“I was going to ask you the same”

“I heard Sweetie Belle injured herself while having break lunch time, as far as I can tell”

“Wow! Are you stretching my leg? Go on. Tell us more. I was wondering what that thing that Sweetie Belle has on her hoof, was”