13. The Starlight Zone-On Nightmare Night, Starlight becomes a victim of relentless pranks, so she decides to strike back with tricks of her own.

14. Tossed Sallads and Scrambled Brains-Twilight is bumped on the head that gives her a condescending personality.

15. Bratter Up-Diamond Tiara tries to befriend a spoiled rich colt that she sees herself in.

16: The Super Chaos Cider Maker 1,000,0000-When Cider season comes once again but more limited than the last, Discord steps in and creates his own cider for the ponies.

17. All a Flank-The CMC unexpectedly are called on by the map to a land of foals with amnesia.

18. A Retribution to Society-When misfortune happens to the Mane 6 and everybody in Ponyville, they soon learn that it's the cause of the spriit of Karma.

19. Pulp Sicktion-An out-of-sorts Starlight dreams of being involved in a Pulp Fiction-like story with her friends as some of the main characters.

20. Something Fishy-Spike goes fishing and ends up getting more than he bargained for when Torch comes.

The other six are from my previosu list.

Foal Geniuses

One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest

She Who Sees It All

Wander Over Beyonder

Tropic Wonder

Starlight, Starbright