Episode 9: Flutter Brutter-Fluttershy's big brother comes to visit.

Episode 10: Wander Over Beyonder-The map sends Twilight Applejack and Rainbow Dash to the far reaches of Equestria to help a Llama civilization.

Episode 11: Damper Apple-Applejack suffers from a tearjerking event that made quite an effect on her.

Episode 12: Foal Geniuses-Flurry Heart leads a band of infants to inverstigate a sleeping spell put on all the older ponies.

Episode 13: 137 Hours-Starlight, Spike and Sunburst become lost in the wilderness and soon romance blossoms.

Episode 14: Ruler Commision-Twilight is put in charge of Celestia's throne while she and Luna are out for the day, but takes her position all too seriously.

Episode 15: Lazy and Let Lazy-Discord's laziness sparks Rainbow Dash to scare him straight by taking him to the Wonderbolts Training Camp.

Episode 16: Sensible Pie-Pinkie Pie is struck by lightning and this causes her to have a new smart, sensible personality.

Episode 17: She Who Sees It All-Starlight stumbles upon a reclusive pony (Kira Tozer) who has been surveyign all of ther Mane 6's adverntures, but is upset about some aspects they have (ex. How Twilight was treated at her brother's wedding.)

Episode 18: One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest-Scootaloo's latest attempt to fly makes her completely looney, so Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle try to take care of her.

Episode 19: Dusty Dash-Lightning Dust disguises herself as Rainbow Dash to take her place in the Wonderbolts.

Episode 20: Tropic Wonder-The Map calls Pinkie Pie Rarity and Fluttershy to help a military band of ponies in battle.

Episode 21: Wet Hot Equestrian Summer-The CMC halucinate during a drought.

Episode 22: Stone Cold-Applejack starts collecting stones and becomes obsessed with them.

Episode 23: Let Your Mind Flutter-Fluttershy is manipulated by the animals into thinking she's one of them.

Episode 24: Castle Fever-Twilight goes insane when a snowstorm traps her in her castle.

Episode 25: Families Stick Together-The Mane 6's repestive families decide to take a mission for them since they're incapacitated at the moment.

Episode 26: Starlight, Starbright-Starlight confronts an evil pony she met during her process to take revenge on Twilight.