EP. 1 & 2: Predecessors Pt. 1 & 2-The Map sends Twilight and the girls to a location that's linked to their past.

EP. 3: Starlight, Starbright-Starlight undergoes hypnosis to confront her personal demons.

EP. 4: How to Protect Your Dragon-Twilight goes into overprotective mode when Spike gets injured.

EP. 5: Screw Loose-An unstable screw causes the Sweet Apple Acres barn to be destroyed

EP. 6: Whithering Feathers-Rainbow Dash comes to grips when her grandfather comes to visit.

EP. 7: Everfree Forest Fronteir-The map sends Applejack and Fluttershy to the Everfree Forest to assist Zecora in saving it from loggers.

EP. 8: In the Skin-Spike sheds his skin, but misinterprets it's meaning,

EP. 9: Sole Management-When Rarity must run Canterlot Carousel when Sassy Saddles is knocked unconscious, Sweetie Belle takes the opportunity to manage the Carasouel Boutique.

EP. 10: Dragonequus-Discord befreinds a group of dragons when he is mistaken for one.

EP. 11: Low Blow-Fluttershy becomes feared throughout the animal kingdom

EP. 12: Punkie Pie-Pinkie has a revelation when her mischevious cousin, Punkie Pie visits her.

EP. 13: One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest-Scootaloo eats a bad fruit and hallucinates that she can fly.

EP. 14: Mind Over Feather-Twilight and Rainbow Dash are called to a town where a mysterious spell pits the citizens against each other.

EP. 15: Oh, Brother-Fluttershy's big brother, Evergreen, comes to visit

EP. 16: Pet Day-The pets of the Mane 6 have a day of fun when their all of Ponyville get a stomach ache.

EP. 17: Rainbow Center-Rainbow Dash aggression is relented when she meets a wise Llama. 

EP. 18: From Equestria with Love-Spike is annoyed when Twilight's new charasmatic guard, Jump Bones, begins seducing her (and later all her friends).

EP. 19: Crime and Shunishment-Starlight still struggles to be in everybody's good graces due to her past.

EP. 20: Front 3 and Back 3-The girls compete a golfing with one another while splitting into two teams.

EP. 21: Glengallop Friend Loss-The Map summons Rarity and Pinkie Pie to the rough town of Chicacolt where a group of co-workers aren't exactly on the best of terms.

EP. 22: Sleep N' Sound-The Cutie Mark Crusaders discover a louge that, oblivious to them, has a sleeping curse on it and it's up to Princess Luna to help them.

EP. 23: Ponyville Vice-A group of criminals make a hideout inTwilight's castle

EP. 24: The New Arrival-Twilight is up in happiness when Shining Armor and Cadence have their foal.

EP. 25 & 26: The End of Equerstria as We Know It Prt. 1 and 2-A new adversary the ponies must face determines the fate of Equestria,