Fault in Our Cutie Marks-The CMC visit Starlight and empathize with her about her past.

Stranger than Fan Fiction-Twilight and her friends attend a Van Hoover convention where they discover that some of their fans wrote exagerated versions of their past adventures.

The Cart Before the Ponies-Apple Bloom begins using unconventional methods during her first day at Applebucking.

28 Pranks Later-Rarity gets excessive when she tries to pull prank on her friends.

The Times Are a Changeling-Starlight befirends a changeling, much to the consternation of others.

Dungeons and Discords-Discord constructs a dungeon of chaos to put the ponies past adversareis in.

Sizing You Down-Fluttershy and Applejack are sent by the map to help the Breezies and Twiight shrinks them

Pet Peeves- When their pets go on strike after feeling neglected, the ponies must find a way to regain their loyalty.

Where No Pony Has Gone Before-Pinkie Pie cons Luna into sending her to the moon so she can be known as the first poyn on the moon.

Caving In-Spike is trapped in a cave with Starlight where he slowly regresses to his predatorial instincts.

Frights, Camera, Action!-Fluttershy must face her fear of stage fright to help an actress pony who looks just like her unwind her stress.

Spell It Out-Twilght and Rainbow Dash are sent by the map to the Crystal Empire where Twilght's neice has learned an unpredictabel spell.

Flurry Heart of the Swarm Part 1 and 2-The Changelings kidnap Flurry Heary with the intent on using her magic to take over Equestria.