Twilight Velvet

Voice: Jocelyne Loewen

Age: 40

Occupation: Author (currently)

Born: Fillyuary 9th, 1987 in Canterlot, Equestria


Twilight Velvet, the daughter of Big Dipper (father) and Pile Woven (mother), is the mother of Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor. Her father, Big Dipper, was a unicorn astronomer and a bookworm while her mother, Pile Woven, was a pegasus carpenter.  When she was a filly, she was very shy and often read books, along with having a silent imagination. In her teen years, Velvet signed up for a writer apprenticeship and her mentor was a recently-recognized pegasus writer named Black Ink, who sees her potential and discovers that her stories are more elaborate and interesting than his own. Being an opportunist, he begins to encorage her into writing stories so he can steal them and pass it off as his own and when Velvet begins working long hours by choice, she becomes falls asleep on her desk and subconsciously discloses her stoy ideas and Black Ink, upon discovering this, begins using these ideas for his own stories. 

When Twilight Velvet became 17, she took a trip to Hollow Shades to seek inspiration,. During the trip, Velvet bumps into a candlemaker named Night Light, who offers her to stay in his house After accpeting his offer, the two share their life stories and hit it off just fine. When Night Light mentions that he always wished to visit Canterlot, Velvet invites him to join him for the return ride, which he happily accepts. During the train ride to Canterlot, Velvet becomes sleepy, having written her story restless during the night at Night Light's, and lays her head on Night Light soldier. Night Light is a bit suprised but gives a small affectionate smile as he lays his head on hers and falls asleep too. When they arrive at Canterlot, they awaken from their nap and prematurely make themselves touch snouts, much to their embarasment. Velvet then has him stay at her parents house but they quickly assume that he is dating their daughter, but he and Velvet quickly deny the assumption.

When Velvet leaves to turn in the story she wrote in Hollow Shades to Black Ink at his house, where her apprenticeship has been taken at, she sees him looking at all the stories she wrote and hears his plot to pass off the stories as his own. She attempts to had out to warn somebody, but Black Ink swoops in and bounds her up with ropes and gags her to prevent anybody from rescuing her. So he takes the stories and he leaves to have them published, locking the door to keep her from escaping. She manages to escape using he rmagic, but inadverdently starts a fire upon slipping, setting Black Ink's up in flames. Upon trying to find a way out, Velvet helplessly  falls unconscious from the fire and smoke and just as she is about to be crushed, Night Light swoops in and carries her out just in time. Upon recovering from her smoke inhaliation, she is delighted that Night Light saved him. The police show up with Black Ink in custody, for as it turns out, Black Ink, neglected to chack the very back pages of Velvet's stories as it contains the name of the author; a detail Velvet herself constantly forgtes about. 

So, Twilight Velvet kisses Night Light in gratitude for rescuing her, making them a couple. They eventually married (with Night Light relocating from Hollow Shades to Canterlot and resigning his position as a candlemaker) and, with Black Ink's exploitation of Velvet ended, she becomes a full on writer and they build their house on the land where Black Ink's house burned down, live a full life, have kids, and the rest is history.

Night Light

Voice: Matt Hill

Age 41

Occuptation: Candlemaker (retired), Stay-at-home Dad/Stallion (currently)

Born: Ocolter 22nd, 1986 in Hollow Shades, Equestria


Night Light, the son of Thompson Equinson (father) and Filament (mother), is the father of Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor.  his father, Thompson Equinson, was a unicorn Pawn Shop owner and owned a shop that he and his family lived in while his mother, Filament, was a, Earth Pony stay-at-home mother. When he was a colt, he developed a small fear of the dark, and the fact that he lived in a dark place in Equestria didn't help at all, and wished to obtain light when going to sleep at night. This caused him to be teased by the colts and fillies at his school, although some did understand his fear. He also developed an interest in heading to Canterlot, but his dad, who had a bad experience at Canterlot, had reservations to allow him to head there. Nevertheless, he still wanted to go there, so Thompson allowed him to make the decision when he was older. Upon reaching his teens, Night Light gained a job as a candle maker, making and selling candles to the ponies of Hollow Shades to earn his keep.

One day, when he was 18, he bumped into a Canterlot unicorn teen filly named Twilight Velvet, who was in Hollow Shades to find inspiration for a story to write as she is an apprentice writer. He invites her to his home, which is a humble shack 3 blocks near the candle shop, and she accepts. They hit it off quite fine while sharing their life stories. Night Light mentions that he always wanted to head to Canterlot and Velvet gives him an opportunity by inviting him to come with her when she goes back tomorrow and he accepts. that night, Velvet begins writing her story way into past midnight, making Night light, who was watching her, a bit concerned. The next day, while on the train to Canterlot, a drowsy Velvet falls asleep and uses Night Light's shoulders as a pillow, startling him at first before joinging her in her nap. When they arrive at Canterlot and awaken from their nap, they accidentally touch muzzles, much to their embarassment. Velvet has Nifght Light stay at her parents house, and they deny her parents's assumption of them dating.

When Velvet leaves to turn in her story to her mentor, Black Ink, Night Light looks around her house and when he reaches Velvet's room, he sees a picture of her wearing a beautiful dress that she wore in school and gives a smitten look. Twilight Velvet's parents, looking at this scene, give knowing looks. Suddenly, they hear a commotion outside and see a house on fire. Velvet's parents disclose the house as Black Ink's house, much to the concern of Night Light, who runs straight to the fire and notices Velvet unconscious on the ground. Night Light, unwilling to allow his new friend to perish, courageously heads into the fire to save her and brings her back out. Velvet, awakening from her condition, becomes elated upon learning that Night Light rescued her. The cops show up with Black Ink in custody, as it is revealed that he planned to claim credit of Velvet's stories but didn't bother to check for the author signature that was on the back of the books.

Twilight Velvet, as thanks to her savior, kisses him. So they become a married couple (with Night Light resigning his job as a candle maker as well as sending his parents a letter telling him about his relationship, much to their support, and relocating from Hollow Shades to Canterlot). The build a house on the place where Black Ink's house burnt down, live a full life, have kids, and the rest is history.