Mlp alternate episode summaries

Season 1

Boast Busters-While Twilight and Spike are practicing magic, Pinkie Pie swoops in and tells them about a magic show in town. Attending the show, they find the entertainer, Trixie, to be an obnoxious braggart for showing off her magic, making Twilight feel self-conscious about her own, despite Spike's reassurance that she should embrace it. When the ponies's attempts to humble Trixie backfire, Twilight stubbornly refuses to step up for them for fear that they will shun her for showing off. After she runs off, her friends give her the silent treatment for not standing up for them. When Spike accidentally disturb Trixie, the braggart attempts to retaliate, but is scared off by a repentant Twilight and her magic, regaining her friends' respect.

Look Before You Sleep-Applejack and Rarity have a spat while trying to prepare for an upcoming storm. When the rain starts, they are invited by Twilight into her home and she immediately suggests that they have a sleepover. Despite saying that they will make the best of it, Applejack and Rarity's repeated disagreements to ridiculous spats prompts a bothered Twilight to order them out. Before they can go to their respective homes, they are trapped by a falling tree, where they eventually finally put aside the differences and use their individual ideas to free themselves and Twilight allows them back into their house to resume the slumber party.

Bridle Gossip-Twilight and Spike discover a zebra named Zecora comes into Ponyville but everybody is afraid of her because of her unusual appearance and alleged wicked behavior, but Twilight's repeated dismissing of this only frustrates the more wary ponies. Wishing to prove Twilight right, Spike secretly sets out to Zecora's hut. When the ponies discover his absence, they set out to save him. After a misunderstanding, they accuse Zecora of kidnapping him, only for him to show up by himself and debunk the rumors about Zecora. With this revelation, the ponies apologize to Zecora for their mistake and convince the town of her benevolence.

Swarm of the Century-Fluttershy finds a new creature called a parasprite and brings it to Ponyville, where very soon, the parasprite has multiplied to an uncontrollable swarm. In the efforts to get rid of the swarm, Pinkie Pie unexpectedly keeps trying to involve musical instruments, which only frustrates the ponies as she gives them no explanation as to why, so she is constantly ignored. But when all of their efforts to get rid of the parasprites backfire, Pinkie Pie charms the parasprites to leave via her instruments. The ponies apologize to Pinkie for doubting her and Pinkie in turn apologizes for not giving them any details about her knowledge of the parasprites.

Fall Whether Friends-Applejack and Rainbow Dash get competitive with each other, leading them to participate in the Iron Pony competition. Things go off smoothly, but when Rainbow Dash begins using her wings as an advantage and wins. Applejack accuses Rainbow of cheating, but Rainbow's insistence that there were no rules against using her wings causes Applejack runs off in frustration. Not only this, but Applejack loses her competitive edge and spends time pigging out on apples. Seeing this, a remorseful Rainbow Dash apologizes and offers to play fair in the annual Running of the Leaves. Motivated, Applejack agrees and the duo participate in the race, but in a more friendly competition way.

Stare Master-When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are in need of a place to have their first slumber party, Fluttershy offers her cottage. While there, the fillies prove to be a handful when they start unintentionally causing mischief in their excitement, which provokes Fluttershy into using her stare, an ability she has a use of forcefulness, to scare the fillies into submission, but this proved to be overwhelming to the fillies. Fluttershy retires to her room, leaving the Crusaders to sleep on the couch. While they are sleeping, a creature known as a cockatrice bursts in and the still-traumatized Crusaders are helplessly turned into statues. This goes unwitnessed by Fluttershy, who uses the stare on the cockatrice to get it to turn the fillies back to normal. After that and when the cockatrice bolts, Fluttershy apologizes to the fillies for using the stare on her and they apologize for their excitement.

Over a Barrel-The ponies are en route to deliver a tree to the Appaloosa Apple Orchard. During the trip, a group of buffalo arrive and try to steal the tree, but thanks to the combined efforts of Applejack and Rainbow Dash, they manage to ward off the buffalo. When arriving in the town, Applejack's cousin, Braeburn, explains that the buffalo have been lobbying the ponies to relocate the orchard, but the ponies refuse. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Poe volunteer to talk to the buffalo, who reveal that the orchard is blocking their traditional stampeding grounds. Although sympathetic to the buffalo, the Mane 6 find themselves at a neutral party since both the buffalo and the ponies have good reasons to use the land. Eventually, a war breaks out between both sides, but when the buffalo get a taste of the food courtesy of the orchard, the buffalo and the ponies reach an understanding with the former side agreeing to let the orchard take up half the space of the stampede grounds while they use the other half.