He is probably one of my favorite MLP fanfic writers of all time. I love his stories and the OC's are just as interesting and great as the canon characters. Not to mention the pop-culture references it make.

In fact, here is a list of MLP stories Bluecatcinema made that I am ranking.

Stand By You

Pony Tails

Starlight Rising

King of the Changelings

Project: Transendence

Susnet Shimemr Returns

From Ponyville With Love

The Napoleons

A Flash of Romance

Twilight's Love

The Young Prince

A Look Back

Growing Pains

Friends Forgive

The Prince and the Pauperess

The Cutie Mark Crusaders: The Next Generation

Summer Love

Home on the Range

Double Take

Me, Myself, and O'Malley

Cutie Mark Crusaders Royale


Double Date

Love, Equestria Style

Sleight the Mystifying and Extrordinary

Hosue of the Crystal Sun

Her Shining Paladin


CMC: Manehattan Chapter

Dusk's Travels

A Canterlot Anniversary

A Canterlot Birth

The Path of True Love

Dancing in the Shadows

The Life and Times of King Sombra

Mister Small and Handsome

Mare of Honor


A Magical Night

World without Rainbow

The Curse of Black Thorn

Our Darkest Days

The Ghost of Me