1. Friendship is Magic Part 2-The second part of the series premire was kind of cliche, but it nonetheless made an impact on me. It was great, well-detailed, and had one of the best villain fights ever. That's why I put it on top of this list.

2. A Bird in The Hoof-This episode was the most gentle, non-mean spirited episode ever and that's why I put it in second place. Every moment was favorable, probably save for Twilight's paranoia and eagerness to impress Celestia, but this episode featured Fluttershy at her absolute best.

3. The Cutie Mark Chronicles-This episode is probably one of the greatest backstory tropes ever shown. Seeing how the Mane 6 looked as fillies was pretty great and seeing how they are all connected to one another is pretty mind-blowing. My only complaint is Scootaloo for she is being a total brat in this episode.

4. Sonic Rainboom-Easily one of my favorite Rainbow Dash episodes. This is also probably the first time we see her act uncharacteristic as she becomes an even bigger coward than Fluttershy. That sounds a bit mean, but hey. The competition, Rarity's wings, RD making amends with her bullies, all well and good.

5. The Best Night Ever-I honestly have mixed feelings about this episode, it seems too mean-spirited and ovewrbearing to watch, but some of the saving graces of this were the amazing Gala song, which is my personal favorite, Fluttershy's comedic descent into insanity, and the fact that this is the season 1 finale.

6. The Ticket Master-Like my 5th episode, I have mixed feelings about this one, as Twilight's friends take desperate measures to go to the gala, but there is a bit of comedic humor and I especially enjoyed the Benny Hill parody. This may sound sadistic, but seeing Twilight in hapless situations makes me all a tingle.

7. Winter Wrap Up-Again, mixed thoughts. First off, it features Twilight's rather comic social-awkwardness and prone to haplessness. One of my complaints is the unbearable squabbling the townsfolk goes through. Other than that, we see Twilight's leadership skills kick in, but the Spike ending, that's a big red flag.

8. Griffon the Brush Off-Pinkie Pie is often unbearable to be around and I know her good heart makes up for this, but still though. However, this episode is probably one of my favorite Pinkie episodes and the actions Gilda did kind of gave the show some much-needed villainous conflict.

9. Party of One-This episode, well, to be honest, makes me enjoy seeing Pinkie Pie going out of her eternal happiness and I know that's harsh, but seeing her feel something else than happiness and seeign how it effects her has captured my interest, Also, the lengths spy on her friends is pretty interesting.

10. Feelign Pinkie Keen-Probably one ot the episode's I'm actually indifferent to. This features Twilight becoming obsessed with debunking a seemingly impossible fact. Also, once again, her hapless mishaps have made my day, along with Pinkie's joy at one of her friends exploit her seems a bit perplexing.