1. Family Appreciation Day-This is the best episode out of all of the season 2 episodes ever. It's also the first episode centered on Granny Smith, who I have a mixed opinion about, and I think this is the best Apple Bloom episode ever due to it's touching moral and the origin story of Ponyville.

2. It's About Time-As I said in my season 1 review, I enjoy seeing Twilight put through heck and seeing this is a real page turner for me. The potential disasters that came were pretty rad, seeing Twilight act as paranoid as ever seemed funny, and my favorite moment is seeing Twilight commit the crime of breaking and entering.

3. Sweet and Elite-Origionally my #1 pick. Rarity finally achieves one of goals of being in high-society in Canterlot and willing to lie to be in it seemed pretty interesting to me. I know this wasn't one of her most likable role, but seeing her situation of both her friend's party and the Garden one is quite grand.

4. Read It and Weep-Seeing one of the ponies in the hospital kind of set well with me. That and the desperate measures Rainbow takes to avoid being labeleld a hypocrite for her egghead insult seemed pretty great and having her to willingly commit a crime and the intro Daring Do was great.

5. Secret of my Excess-A pretty great Sparity episode, alothough Spike is the main focus. We get to see what he's like as a teenager and as an adult dragon and having him re-age like that was grand. Also, seeing Spike finally get soem romance from Rarity made my day.

6. Lesson Zero-I know a lot fo you are tired of me saying this, but I seem to enjoy Twilight in a situation and seeing her go off-the-rails insane here is the leader of the Twilight-abuse episodes. And having her create chaos in the town really played for amusment.

7. Mmmystery on the Friendship Express-Pinkie Pie makes an eccentric Sherlock Homes and quite honestly, this episode proves it. I have mixed feelings for it in all honesty, but seeing Pinkie being put through heck is, as I keep sayign to almsot everypony, pretty entertaining.

8. May the Best Pet Win-I honestly have mixed feelings for this as well. Seeing Rainbow Dash running her potential pets to the ground like a military squad was pretty hardcore and hearing Ride to the Valkyries in the episode pretty cool

9. Hurricane Fluttershy-I disliked seeing Fluttershy chickened out a lot in episodes and actually to be honest, seeing her assertive is just as annoying, bu this is still a heart-warming episode where Fluttershy understands that her trepidation has to be put aside.

10. The Return of Harmony Part 1-I put this on here because I am a huge fan of hypnosis-centered episodes and seeing the mane 6 completely zombified made my day. I ain't goona lie, I freaking wanted to make Discord suffer for what he did in this episode.