1. Magical Mustery Cure-One of my favorite finale episodes, I liked seeing Twilight go through a change and seeing just how loyal and selfless she can really be when her friends are involved. I honestly loved the songs of this episode.

2. Sleepless in Ponyville-I was looking forward to see this episode when the snyposis came out. We finally get to see Scootaloo as a central character. Seeing her completley drowsy and put in danger seemed to put a smile on my face and her being trapped in her own really subconsciousness emapthizeds that.

3. The Crystal Empire Part 2-One of the best second-parter episodes I can think of. The one element I like about this episode is the fact that Twilight is outsmarted by King Sombra's bobby-traps and being hpynotizd for the first time made my day.

4. Wonderbolts Academy-Easily one of the best Rainbow Dash episodes ever. Seeing her willingly put aside her dreams when she perceives them having a terrible trait really made me feel for her and Lightning Dust, I really hope to see her in a revenge story.

5. The Crystal Empire Part 1-I was really looking forward to see this after seeing the two sneak peeks back in July 2012. That and seeing Pirncess Cadance in a state or disorientation really captured my interest. Honestly one of the best episodes to date.

6. Games Ponies Play-I really liked seeing the Mane 6 fouling-up, forgive my rudeness and bluntness. This is one of the episodes I have mixed feelings about, as I dislike the part after the intro and how ridiculous Rainbow is actiong, but this episode seemed pretty grand to say the least.

7. Spike At Your Service-A classic repay the debt trope. Like almost every character, seeing Spike in a distressful situation is somewhat of a blast for me. The timberwolf breath and AJ willing to let herself be eaten really made me like this episode.

8. Apple Family Reunion-Seeing AJ at her inadvertent worst seems pretty unbearable yet at the same time grand to watch. Seeing just how many Apple Family ponies there are seems pretty much overwhelming and the reintroduction of Babs Seed set well for me.

9. Too Many Pinkie Pies-I honestly have mixed feelings fpr this episode since it features Pinkie Pie in her most ridiculous situation ever. However, I find it kind of enjoyable with some comdedic moments and seeing the real Pinkie with a depressinve identity crises.

10. Just For Sidekicks-Again, mixed feelings, but I do enjoy seeing two episodes taking place simultaneously (Games Ponies Play). Spike in this situation, is put through too much; even if he's in the wrong, but I consider this better than Magic Duel, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and One Bad Apple.