1. Pinkie Pride-This is the most awsomest Pinkie Pie episode ever. I never knew Weird "Al" until he was accidentally credited in Three's a Crowd, but hearing his voice sounds amazing. I enjoyed the songs in this episode and I bet Al's gonna have a ball as Milo Murphy.

2. Leap of Faith-The Flim-Flam Brothers are my second favorite set of villains, coming in behind Tirek. When they were first introduced, their song was catchy and pretty soon, I wanted to see more of them desperately. This episode had them stay true to their names, but I'm mad about AJ being the only mane 6 in this episode.

3. Maud Pie-I honestly feel lukewarm to this one. I honestly seem to enjoy  Maud Pie as a character. The emotionless characters seem to be the most interesting for me and Maud is no exception. I found this episode to be boring, but I still put it on here because I think it seems to be an okay episode nonetheless.

4. Inspiration Manifestation-This episode seems to be one of the best Spike/Rarity collabs ever, being just as great as Secret of my Excess. Seeing Rarity brainwashed really turns my head and to see Spike having too much respect for her to reproach her seems quite the entertainment, for this episode at least.

5. Equestria Games-We finally get to see the Equestria Games and this is quite a good Spike episode. Needless to say, that anthem thing kind of threw the episode off for me, seeing Spike insecure is somewhat unenjoyable, but he was still quite the great kid in this episode.

6. Pinkie Apple Pie-A very good episode about family. I will admit, seeing the Apples be stubborn and having their respective egos clash really gave me satisfaction to how their stubborness can be and Pinkie being eternally optimistic amsues me.

7. Rainbow Falls-This, along with Leap of Faith, is my only Rainbow Connection episode and I found it enjoyable despite the panning it receives. Rainbow has gotten a lot of character development and seeing Twiligth as a cheerleader somewhat makes me uncomfortable.

8. Castle Mane-ia-I have mixed feelings for this Scooby-Doo-esque episode, but I think it's alright enough to put on my list. I didn;t think much of the Mane 6 being spooked out fo their lives, but I did seem to enjoy some moments in this episode.

9. Twiligjht's Kindgom-The only 2-part epsiode on the list. It was originally SImple Ways, but I chose somethign else at the last minute. I find this episode quite amazing. Despite Discord betraying the ponies, we're introduced to my favorite villain and seeing Twi in an identity crises seems pretty entertaining,

10. Power Ponies-I found this to be the anti-Mysterious Mare Do Well. It features superhero cliche's, but it's still a very nice episode. Things like the Mane 6 struggling with their superpowers and Fluttershy being too cowardly really steams me, but seeing the Mane-iac and her minions getitng stopped satisfied me.