1. Crusaders of the Lost Mark-I freaking love this episode. I know this is my third top 1 episode in a rwo where the episode is a musical, but I still think it's the enst of the best. The CMC finally get their cutie marks, Diamond Tiara reforms, and the songs are pretty great.

2. Slice of Life-I find the background characters's adventures to be jsut as entertaining as the Mane Six's adventures and seeing their respective situations collabing has really made quite a settling impression on myself.

3. Canterlot Boutique-This episode came after the season 5 hiatus, whichreally bugged me. Though honestly, this episode seemed to be worth the wait as it finally reintroduced the season to songs, with the one in this quite nice, and seeing another character played by Sheridan made me appreciate this episode greatly.

4. The Cutie Map Part 1-The premire was amazing. Starlight Glimmer, in my opinion was jsut awful as a villian, but she became one of my favorites after she turned over a new leaf. Also, seeing the ponies being stripped of their characteristics amuses me.

5. The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows-Although I find this epsiode to be boring, I actually seem to deem it good enough t obe on my list. It's a wonderful Slice of Life story and we finally get the moment we've been anticipating for, Cadance's pregnancy.

6. The Mane Attraction-I seemed to enjoy this epsiode, despite unfavorable moments. Rara is an enjoyable character to me and seeing AJ get a guest star friend is great (although Jack mcBrayer might have been a fathomable choice) and I wish Svengallop had his planned downfall of being fired be given.

7. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone-The first Map episode where the ponies are picked randomly. Seeing Gilda again made me somewhat happy and seeing her redeemed made me even more happy and her flash back and Pinkie's stature love interest made my day with this episode

8. Princess Spike-My favorite thing about this episode is the mental situation Twilight is in. She's completely sleepy and seeing her ina  large state of disorientation while being out-like-a-light for 1/2 of the episode was pretty amazing. Also, Cadance being drowned and Spike's sneeze eyes were pretty nice.

9. Brotherhooves Social-This is a great Big MacIntosh episode. Seeing him talk more than he usually does, while a lot of it was in a falsetto, seemed pretty great and his relationship with Apple Bloom was pretty heart warming.

10. Do Pricnesses Dream of Magic Sheep-Last episode before the hiatus and I seemed to enjoy it. Although seeing Luna inadverdently empowering the Tantabus with her lack of self-forgiveness made me mad, other things like Rainbow's nightmare and Pinkie worsening the situation while still being happy amuses me