1. To Where and Back Again Part 2-This is, in my POV, one of the best season finales, shame there was no song. It features Starlight at her absolute best, coming very far from an equality-obsessed megalomaniac to an unconfidant Mary Sue, forgive the insult, was pretty great. Also, seeing additional redeemed villains, a la Trixie and Discord, along with likable Changeling Thorax, help Starlight save the ponies from the Changelings, whose new form is complete badflank is all the ending needed. 

2. The Fault in Our Cutie Marks-I didn't think it was possible (or I did) but an episode has passed No Second Prances as one of my favorite episode. Gabby the Griffon is just completely likable and this is one of my favorite CMC episodes ever (apart from the Season 5 epsiode that had them got their marks) as they are at their very best and if you're wodnering, yes, I watched the leaked foreign version. 

3. No Second Prances-This became my first favorite episode after it aired. I liked seeing an ex-villain collaboration episode and I completely liked it the wholeway through aside from things like Starlight flaking out on Twilight. I know Twilight was given a lot of grief for tryign to break up Starlight and Trixie, but I can't help but find her overprotectiveenss likable. 

4. The Times are a Changeling-This is the best Spike episode ever. I saw fanfics where the Changelings turn good and this episode proved that it can happen in canon. Moments like Shining Armor's prejudice and Thorax telling Spike to get away from him did not sit well with me, but the song of this episode was so freaking great and finally seeing Kyle Rideout be in MLP:FIM was pretty satisfying for me. 

5. The Saddle Row Review-One of my favorite Rarity episodes. It does seem kind of wierd to see Rarity's new boutique in Manehattan after being introduced to it 6 episodes prior was pretty much of a let down for me, but aspects like Plaid Stripes' wacky ideas, the cosntant paneling to interviews and Twilight's OCD at organizing and her remix sweeping song was pretty great. 

6. The Crystalling Part 1-Singe-handedly one of the greatest season openers ever. I liked seeing Sunburst after seeing him at the end of the season 5 finale. Also, Baby Flurry Heart was just amazing and cute while at the same time deadly, which I honestly find quite likable about her. I wish I could put the second part where I can add Twilight's parents speaking for the first time, but I'm considering that as an honorable mention. 

7. To Where and Back Again Part 1-I really like this first part of the finale. Seeing Starlight being nervous about leadership since she fears she may relapse to her villainous ways again was pretty entertaining and Trixie havign a character growth to defend Starlight was great for me. That and seeing how the Changelings behave when pretending to be the Mane 6 and Spike were pretty entertaining. My only complaint is what Starlight goes through in her subconsciousness during her dreams. 

8. The Gift of the Maud Pie-Maud Pie's appearence in this season seems kind of rushed, but this is nonetheless a pretty rad episode since we get to see Manehattan again. The lengths Pinkie goes to so Maud can have the rock pouch, including lettign herself be haggled out of it by a shifty-eyed earth pony with coins for a cutie mark (Is he related to Gladmane?) was pretty good. My only complaint is Pinkie making a scene in just about every appearance. 

9. Every Little Thing She Does-I am a huge fan of hypnosis-centered episodes and this episode made it to the list. Seeing the Mane 6 (apart from Twilight unfortunately) become mindless obedient-zombies was pretty rad for me and the hangover they went through in the end made the episode even more enjoyable. Seeing Starlight in this Lesson Zero-esque situation was completely great in all respect. 

10. Spice Up Your Life-My favorite Cutie Map episode of this season. Rarity and Pinkie Pie are a perfect pear (as seen in 9 episodes prior), since Rarity is tolerable of Pinkie's antics and Pinkie keeps her temper with Rarity's pettiness and seeing them trying to help a father-daughter restaurant was great in all aspects. My sole complaint is seeing the Canterlot ponies only eating at rated restaurants despite the poor taste and refusing to let their own opinions guide them was unnerving.