The Dread Zone-A careful Wonderbolt Reserve named Dread Zone has the ability to see what will happen in the future, causing him to be more careful than usual, but his opportunistic wingpony, Dark Cloud, sees it as a chance to gain popularity, so Rainbow Dash tries to intervene.


Ashleigh Ball-Rainbow Dash

Sam Vincent-Dread Zone

Ian Hanlin-Dark Cloud/Cloudsdale Race Track Announcer

Emmett Hall-Sky Stinger

Rhona Rees-Vapor Trail

Kelly Metzger-Spitfire/Unicorn Bookie

Tara Strong-Twlight Sparkle

Andrea Libman-Pinkie Pie/Fleefoot

Matt Hill-Soarin/Earth Pony Bookie

Kelly Sheridan-Misty Fly

Birtt Irven-Lightning Dust

Jan Rabson-Wind Rider

P.E. Princess-When Starlight becomes gluttonous after a humiliating down spiral, Twilight beocmes determined to whip her into shape in teaching the only subject she fails at, Physical Education.


Tara Strong-Twilifght Sparkle

Kelly Sheridan-Starlight Glimmer

Cathy Weseluck-Spike/Mayor Mare

Ashleigh Ball-Rainbow Dash/Applejack

Nicole Oliver-Cheerilee/Unicorn Mare

Michael Dobson-Bulk Biceps

Russel Roberts-Mareket Pegasus Stallion #1 and #2

Everypony's a Critic-The pony's contend with a critical Unicorn who has a disapproving attitude to some of the details in their past exploits.


Tara Strong-Twilight Sparkle

Cathy Weseluck-Spike

Ashleigh Ball-Applejack/Rainbow Dash

Andrea Libman-Fltutershy/Pinkie Pie

Tabitha St. Germainn-Rarity/Granny Smith

Adrian Petriw-Deuce Bottles

Michele Creber-Apple Bloom

Cliare Corlett-Sweetie Belle

Maddy Peters-Scootaloo

Peter New-Big MacIntosh

Richard Newman-Cranky Doodle/Deuce's Neighbor

Brenda Wichlow-Zecora/Matilda

I'll have more episodes coming soon.