Ep. 1 and 2-The Rise of Grogar Part 1 and 2: The Pnoise contend with a maniacal blue ram who escaped Tartarus with Tirek years ago.

Ep. 3-Big Trouble in Little Appaloosa: The Map sends Applejack and Rainbow Dash to Appaloosa to solve a friendship problem.

Ep. 4-Lightning Strikes Back: Lightning Dust masquerades as Rainbow Dash to take her place in the Wonderbolts.

Ep. 5-Stare Off: Fluttershy meets her match of assertiveness when she meets an animal-loving pony who has a way more intense stare ability.

Ep. 6-Punkie Pie: PinkiemPie comes to grips when her mischievous cousin, Punkie Pie, comes for a visit to Ponyville.

Ep. 7- Slice of Life: The Prequel-See what the supporting characters have done during previous episodes of the seasons.

Ep. 8-Dead Ponies Have No Tails: Fluttershy and Rarity are called by the map to solve a friendship problem amongst a group of pirates.

Ep. 9-Trance Around Like A Little Pony: Discord must use his hypnosis powers to cure his friends when they're hypnotized accidentally.

Ep. 10-Suddenly Starlight: Starlight's constant doting in Spike causes him to fall in love with her, much to Twilight's consternation.

Ep. 11-Wandering Fillies: The CMC wander around Ponyville and recount all the good times they've had.

Ep. 12-The Tartarus Friendship Caper: The Map sends Twilight and Pinkie Pie to solve a friendship problem in one of the most unfreiendliest places ever, Tartarus.

Ep. 13-Friendships All Together: The Ponies must gather up their friendship lessons when an evil force makes their friends unfriendly and bad.