1. Big Trouble in Little Equestria, Part 1-The ponies must defend Equestria from a threat ridden of long ago.

2. Big Trouble in Little Equestria, Part 2-The battle against the new threat isn't going so well and friendships are tested in the process

3. The Squidzard Disease-While playing Ogres and Oubliettes, Spike hits his head and believes that he is actually the Squidzard.

4. Life of Di(scord)-Discord decides to ride a boat through the Equestrian ocean aftrer a falling out with Fluttershy, but he slowly decends into madness,

5. The Ugly Mark Crusaders-The Cutie Mark Crusaders meet a band of rough fillies with the most reprehensible cutie marks imaginable.

6. The Ottoman Empire-Applejack and Twilight are sent by the map to solve a friendship problem in a land on the far reaches of Equestria.

7. Secrets of the Celest-Celestia resorts to desperate measures to prevent a scandalous secret from getting out.

8. Merry Mayday! -Merry May, a background pony, wishes to make a name for herself and individually visits the Mane 6 to do it.

9. Twilight; Breaking Spike-Twilight must protect Spike when he is ordered by Dragon Lord Ember to come live in the Dragon Lands for a while and reconnect to his roots.

10. Pinkie-ply-When Pinkie Pie accidentally uses the mirror pool once again, she must find a way to hide it to prevent a panic.

11. I Choose You, Starlight!-Twilight assigns Starlight to look after her royal duties while she's injured, but Starlight is anything but thrilled at this.

12. Can You Do The Can-Canterlot?-During the Grand Galloping Gala, Spike is humiliated when he botches a dance he's been working on.

13. Mr. Rarity-Rarity wishes to prove she isn't a sexist by magically turning herself into a male, but she receives unexpected results afterwards.

14. Swing, Flutterbat-ta, Batta!-When Fluttershy reveals that not every part of her Flutterbat persona went away, the ponies try to figure out the cause of it.

15. Neighworld, Where Magic Is True!-The CMC hold a fundraiser to save a famous amusment park from forclosure.

16. Saddle Arabian Nights-Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are called by the Map to Saddle Arabia to solve a friendship problem.

17. Wet & Dry Maud-When Maud gains a head injury, she becomes bipolarly emoitonal and indifferent and Pinkie Pie is unsure which side she prefers more.

18. A Cheesy Pun-When Cheese Sandwhich returns to Ponyville, Pinkie Pie is distraught to discover that he is giving up entertainment so he can work at Sugarcube Corner with him.

19. Yanking Doodle Donkey-Cranky Doodle comes to grips when his pushy brother, Yanking Doodle Donkey, visits.

20. Invasion of the Pony Snatchers-When Rainbow Dash becomes a victim of a Pony Snatcher, the ponies become afraid of being the next victim, especially with other known ponies suffering the same fate.

21. Dawn of a New Sunset-Dawn Sunset becomes another student for Twilight, which makes Starlight jealous.

22. Heartfelt and Soulsilver-The Map sends Rarity and Rainbow Dash to solve a problem of romance between two ponies who's families are at war with one another,

23. United Neightions-Flurry Heart plays a secret role during a summit of nations between Equestria and other places.

24. Secrets of the Zebra-The ponies accompany Zecora to her hometown and learn a thing or two about zebras along the way.

25. Royal Disaster, Part 1-When Twilight is framed for causing trouble, Celestia strips her of her alicornhood, making Twilight a Unicorn once again.

26. Royal Disaster, Part 2-Twilight must find the one responsible for framing her and regain her princesshood.