• SolarMoon

    The Alicorn Theory

    October 17, 2013 by SolarMoon

    A little theory that has always been my head canon.

    1) Before Celestia and Luna there were no alicorns. 

    2) Celestia and Luna were created to counter Discord. Discord is the god of chaos so maybe the ponies then were unable to stop him. Celestia and Luna's "parents" were likely unicorns who somehow manage to "magic" them into being. (probably some magic related to the sun and the moon) This explains their ageless-ness and all their differences from other ponies.(flowing mane, greater magic than usual etc)

    3) Eventually, Celestia and Luna were hailed as  rulers. Equestria is the main place they rule over but there is no telling if they have vassal states. (since we don;t know IF Crystal Empire is a vassal state to Equsetria or not) Anyways wit…

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