Hello MLP Wiki!

Over at Comic-Con, we managed to snag some awesome assets from the panel. There are some Scene Art shots, motivational posters made for Comic-Con, and the exciting one: clips from season 3! There are two songs and an extended opening.

Scene Art

Motivational Posters

Season 3 clips

Crystal Fair Song


Failure/Success Song


Extended Opening



Thank you all for the awesome questions for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Comic-Con panel!

As you may have already seen, Wikia had a great round table discussion with the cast and creators of My Little Pony where some of our community questions got answered!

First off, Megan answered that there will be more episodes involving Scootaloo and the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders! The cast are all so psyched and grateful for the amazing fan reaction, and are some of the most fun-loving VAs you'll ever meet. You can watch the clip we got from the cast above and check out some of the pictures of the cast here!