• SonataFan

    One may think that everybody went over it several times,but I think that is good to recieve new opinions,so we can get closer to a consensus on this topic.

    In my humble opinion,the characters age is the same as they seem to be in the movies,but in a relative way.

    It was stated by the Show's Creator that they are beetween 12 and 18.I believe we have to take it as a psychological age.

    They act like young (sometimes inmature) people while being eager of their destiny.They have resposabilities of their own,but they don´t show them playing some common important roles,that someone would have in a life project.We don't see any of the Mane 6 having a child,for example.IMHO,the Show´s Creator wanted the main characters to be as young and independent,b…

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  • SonataFan

    First of all,Hi to everybody!

    I'm new at the wiki and I wanted to introduce myself with a little game.

    Reading comments,and hearing the news,I had this thought:what if you have a child and want to name him/her after a My Little Pony character?...What name would you choose?And why?

    Sounds crazy,but,there are some places were you can name your child whatever you please,obviously only if that name isn't an offensive word.

    Being it a girl:Well,if I had to choose one name,it would be Celestia.Because it's an unusual name,sounds good and in a few other languages is quite hard to misspell.

    Being it a boy:I think I probably choose Spike.Because there's other people named Spike and it still being rare.

    Other names I like are:Twilight (though there must b…

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