With all the activity I've been seeing lately on Equestria Daily, I wonder when we can expect, beyond the San Diego Comic Con animatic and Mane Six teasers, a promo for the pilot episode for Season 5 in the next couple of months, or even a promo for the whole season itself based on how many episodes have been finished by the pilot episode's air date.

Well, a trailer for Season 5 aired recently, and it shows Twilight having been cursed with the equals sign cutie mark seen at the San Diego Comic Con preview and Rainbow and Rarity's teasers as well. Apparently, the Mayor of that town must be the mastermind behind it. Question is: How does she do it, and what does the staff seen in the trailer that she wields against the Mane Six actually do to cause one's cutie mark to become her prisoner and leave the original owner bearing that equals sign in it's place?

I've already put her down as being as wicked as Lord Tirek is black-hearted and evil to the core since both have a way to take one's cutie mark away.

Other than that, still no official air date yet for when the Season 5 pilot will debut.

Anyone have any good ideas when to expect it?