• Soyasauce

    Hey there.!

    I might be a new member here,but I have been a pegasister for a long time. When I ever wondered anything about ponies, this site would be the place to answer me, and now as I have watched every episode I am ready to answer others questions as well . I've got a sis-. My best friend and sis- She's Whiz Ledeis. She is soon to be joining me on this page. I don't actually know much about what to do with my profile here, but I'll learn as time passes, and that will give me a whole new experience. To meet others, as bronies and pegasister, which is not so common betwwen people I live with-damn. I need to talk to other pony-lovers. I got my sis- my pegasis- and we have a lot of fun together , but It's sad to know that we are such a litt…

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