The "Spirit of Friendship" is what I call those moments when somepony gets that rainbow glow, ussually in their eyes.

This rainbow glow, It needs a name (my idea is calling it the "Spirit of Friendship"). I really would love to see more of these "Spirit of Friendship" instances (when it glows rainbows). See attatched photo links to understand what I mean by the rainbow glows that have occured only recently in Season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 

Rainbow glow on a rope S4E08

Rainbow glow on Rarity's iris S4E08

Spool of thread glowing S4E08

Rainbow Dash looking at rainbow S4E10

Rainbow shining on flag S4E10

Rainbow glow in Dash's eyes S4E10

Rainbow glow in Pinkie's eyes S4E12

Boneless with rainbow shimmer S4E12

Rainbow glow on Seabreeze's wing S4E16

Fluttershy's eye glow S4E16

Please reply imeadiately or just email me @ because it intersests me that these phenomena.

-Spacecasetheman (Devin Richard)