• SparklySnow103

    I've just been wondering, what exactly does everyone think of season two so far? In my opinion, I think it's running good so far. We've had an awesome new villain in the form of Discord and a great mental breakdown with Twilight, and also some nice insight into how Equestria was created. Also, we've had three songs, two of which I thought were very good. However, I thought the song in Hearth's Warming Eve was the weakest one so far. It wasn't terrible, just underwhelming. There hasn't been a Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack episode yet, though. However, there is a Pinkie episode and two Applejack episodes coming up. I'm pretty sure that Fluttershy will get an episode soon. After all, she hasn't been very involved with this season so f…

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