We haven't done a normal birthday game in a while. So... let's do one!

January:You, X and Y have a sleep over.

Febuary:You, X, Y and R have a picnic

March:X buys you a lovely dress/suit

April:X asks for your autograph

May:X buys you a bottle of wine

June:X spends the day with you

July:You X, and Y go on a holiday

August:You and X have a fight, but later on you two are friends again

September:X offers to do your homework

October:You are scared and X hugs you warmly and tucks you in

November:You and X go on a lovely walk in the snow

December:You and X play in the snow, while Y makes snow angles.


1.Twilight, 2.Applejack, 3.Fluttershy, 4.Pinkie Pie, 5.Rarity, 6.Rainbow Dash, 7.Spike, 8.Celestia, 9.Luna. 10.Cadence, 11.Shining Armour, 12.Apple Bloom, 13.Sweetie Belle, 14.Scootaloo, 15.Babs Seed, 16.Big McInTosh, 17.Granny Smith, 18.Braeburn, 19.Apple Fritter, 20.Goldie Delicious, 21.Lyra, 22.Sweetie Drops, 23.DJ-Pon3, 24.Rising Star, 25.Twilight Velvet, 26.Night Light, 27.Amethyst Star, 28.Minuette, 29.Woona, 30.Snowdrop, 31.Lauren Faust(icorn), 32.Silver Spoon, 33. Diamond Tiara, 34.Cheerilee, 35.Shoeshine, 36.Twist, 37.Candy Mane, 38.Doctor Hooves, 39.Derpy, 40.Lucky Clover.


1.Soarin, 2.Spitfire, 3.Lyra, 4.Sweetie Drops, 5.Silver Spoon, 6.Meadow Song, 7.Discord, 8.Flim and Flam, 9.Trenderhoof, 10.Fancy Pants, 11.Fleur dis lee, 12.Button Mash, 13.Mr.Cake and Mrs Cake, 14.Pound and Pumkin Cake, 15.Thunderlane, 16.Rumble, 17.Suprise (actual), 18.Suprise (original Pinkie), 19.Opal Bloom, 20.Noi, 21.Berryshine, 22.Sunshower Raindrops, 23.Sweetcream Scoops, 24.Rose, 25.Merry May


1.Lily Valley, 2.Daisy, 3.Cloud Kicker, 4.Comet Tail, 5.Sweetie Drops